Car Decals and Graphics

Barajas Auto Body auto body repair specialists do more than provide exceptional auto body services for your car or truck; they can also add customized details and graphics specific to you! Whether its a custom hood mural, racing stripes or application of custom printed vinyl graphics or wraps, we can do it! Improve the appearance of your personal vehicle or the business image of your company’s fleet, with graphics that enhance your style and boost your image.

Personalize Your Car or Truck

Barajas Auto Body decal and graphic experts offer:

  • Detailed graphics and other designs can be painted on or applied as vinyl prints.
  • Car graphics that transform your vehicle into a moving billboard.
  • Racing stripes that make a bold statement and can be applied to the hood, roof, trunk and/or bumper of your vehicle.
  • Applied by our experienced team

Easy Maintenance for Auto Decals
Newly applied vinyl decals take about 10 – 15 days to permanently hold to the body of your vehicle. Once set, simply wash with regular soap and water -- no need for waxing.

Advertise your Business on the Road

Promote your brand and get the attention of every potential customer with customized graphics for your vehicle. Bring in your vinyl prints and Barajas Auto Body can have them applied in a single day. Want custom decals or wraps applied to your vehicle but don't know where to start? Come on in and let us help you find the style that suites you best.

With proper care and regular cleaning your decals wrap can last up to 8 years! Decals and graphics ensure that you or your business stand out from the crowd. Ask how we can help you achieve the look your hoping for.

Pin Striping for Cars and Trucks

Available in a variety of colors, widths and styles, our durable pin striping tape is made from the finest materials. Our wide selection that includes:

  • One and two color pinstripe available in various widths
  • Camouflage- Available in military, hunter or wildlife themes
  • Specialty Striping – from tiny graphics to classic and flames – choose striping that reflects your personal style
  • Striping for trucks and recreational vehicles

FAQ About Custom Decals and Wraps

How long will the decals on my vehicle last?

The average life expectancy for decals is 6- 8 years and 7- 10 years for racing strips.

Is there a benefit of having painted stripes and details versus just using vinyl?

Yes. Paint tends to hold up to weather and changes in temperature better than vinyl. Vinyl has a tendency to crack, chip and peel after years of being exposed to direct sunlight and changes in temperature, especially extreme heat. Paint is protected by a durable clear coat and can be protected further by using a quality wax, which dries out vinyl. To learn more about the pros and cons of vinyl versus paint, come see us at our shop.

Why should I have Barajas Auto Body apply my wraps or decals? Can't I just do it myself?

Of course you can do it yourself. But, having Barajas Auto Body apply your decals or wraps gives you added peace of mind. Many print shops will void the product's warranty if it is not done at a professional facility. Plus, you can rest assured the area has been properly prepared to ensure maximum adhesion for the longest life span of your custom details.

Can I have custom decals and wraps applied to my boat?

Yes! We can apply wraps to almost anything you can think of. Vinyl wraps on boats, and even jet-skis, is becoming increasingly common, especially for those who plan to keep their boat for years to come.