Bed Liners

Barajas Auto Body also owns and operates Turbo Liner of Tri-Cities! Where we provide and install the best bed liners on the market. Turbo Liner stands above its competitors Line-X, Rhino and others in providing the highest quality product with guaranteed durability that lasts, at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. In addition to outstanding quality, we also offer bed liners in more than just black. With over 100 colors available, you can match your trucks color or give a unique look all its own. If you can imagine it, we can do it!

Turbo Liner: The Industry's Leading Spray-On Coating Company

Our Turbo Liner Products offer a factory-like finish, clean edges with no drips plus more resistance to UV rays than other products - keeping your vehicle or project looking better, longer. The Turbo Liner "Total Surface Contact" application prevents noise and vibration and remains flexible when sprayed to any thickness on a variety of surfaces including truck beds, bed rails, wheel wells, rocker panels, vehicle hoods, grills, or floor boards. Turbo Liner can also be applied to ATVs and Off-Road vehicles, boats, utility and flatbed trailers, and more!

What Makes Our Product Better?

Turbo Liner's superiority lies in its base material, POLYUREA. Unlike the polyurethanes that are used by our competitors, Turbo Liner only takes about 1 hour to install and is ready for regular use in just 6 hours. Some competitors’ products take from 2 to 8 hours to install and may take 2 days or more to be ready for actual use. Turbo Liner will withstand higher sustained temperatures (up to 350 F) than leading polyurethane products, which start to break down at 120 F. Turbo Liner does not react to water and/or moisture. Some polyurethane products can emit hazardous vapors when they come in contact with water and or moisture.


Standard Truck Bed

  • Full Bed - $525
    • 8 ft. bed, +$25
    • Bed rail caps, +$25
  • Floor Panel Only - $400
  • Bed Rail Cap Only - $195/each
  • Side Panel Only - $360/each
    • 8 ft. bed, +$20
  • Tail Gate Only - $195

Rock Guard Coating

  • $14 / liner ft. (up to 12 in. high)
  • $20 / liner ft. (up to 18 in. high)
  • $26 / liner ft. (up to 24 in. high)
  • $36 / liner ft. (up to 32 in. high)
  • Custom coatings: Quoted upon in-person evaluation

Custom Color (100+ to choose from)

  • Add custom color, +$375
    • Custom colors include any color other than black. Colored bed liners must be scheduled 2-3 weeks out. Customer colors should be ordered in-person, as they considered a special order item.